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junio 14, 2017 - Witness " melea-trust "

We are going to finish this web site soon,


Now with a Summary

“melea-trust” is a node that is currently running within a seed on steem we have rented it to @Privex from @ someguy123; That is to say that they work very fast and it is contracted with a company that knows that it is Peerplays and that also has active nodes right now in the network, and that I am of confidence. And the teams are prepared to grow in power as a whole or before the network needs it.

I can predict coins, but i can not predict if something happens to me tomorrow or last so I worry about offering support to “melea-trust” permanently and 24x7x365 the only solution to not leave you disconnected and to be able to fulfill what I say I have added to “Horus” to the team, “horus” and “melea” will take care of the seed node, the api node and the backup node.

In the next post we will explain in detail the hardware of the equipment the locations of each team in the world, whether, why they will be in different countries for network security, and the advantages that would entail activating the node “melea-trust”

“Melea-trust” You need your vote to activate because it is on and connected to the network but waiting for you to give you the confidence to work.

Thank you and come back that this is just the beginning.

In short more

Please vote for my witness and keep this site live!

Melea for people!

Peerplays Priceles!


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